Team Alive

Team Alive is our volunteers that work together to meet the needs of our church family and community. Take a look at each ministry and fill out the sign-up form if you would like to help out. Volunteers like you make Church Alive possible!

  • Nursery & Pre-K Ministry

    The Nursery team get to teach and have fun with kids all the way from age 0 to age 5. If you love to play, make silly faces and lead our precious family, the Nursery ministry wants you!

  • Kids Ministry

    Our kids leaders have a blast using music, stories, skits and teaching to minister to our 1st through 5th graders. Ask anyone who’s been a part of this ministry and they will tell you its the funnest part of their week. If you want to be a big part of our kids lives, the Kids ministry wants you!

  • Student Ministry

    Leaders in our youth ministry get to be a part of our middle and high schoolers’ lives. These leaders get to teach, lead small groups, and go on awesome camping trips. If you have a heart for this age group (or just want to go camping — we don’t blame you), the Student ministry wants you!

  • Hospitality

    The Hospitality team makes Church Alive gatherings feel like home. These members are great at making people feel welcome, making a school look inviting on Sunday mornings, and man the coffee/breakfast table. If you can decorate, like to prepare food and drink or have a thing for setting the atmosphere, the Hospitality team wants you!

  • Worship & Performing Arts

    These teams set the tone for our worship experience on Sundays and Wednesdays. They lead the congregation in worshipping the Lord through music, spoken word, dance, flag-dance, skits and more. If you can sing, play an instrument or have any performing art gift, the Worship & Performing Arts team wants you!

  • Creative Arts

    The Creative team handles everything from the website and handouts to sermon and stage design to social media and road signs. They have a hand in almost everything you see at church and in the community. If you can design, draw or build, the Creative team wants you!

  • Technical Arts

    The Tech team consists of people of who love to run the show through audio, video, and lighting. These guys and girls make our services run smoothly and look and sound great. If you can mix a soundboard, have computer/media skills or like to light things up, the Tech team wants you!

  • Facility Team

    This team serves the church by getting tables, equipment, signs and more set up for service. Whether you’re a neat freak, have a knack for making environments inviting or just enjoy lifting heavy things, the Setup crew wants you!

  • Good Steward Team

    This team serves the church in all things legal, financial and administrative. These guys and girls keep the churches resources alive and current. If you enjoy numbers, administrative work, law and reports, the Good Steward team wants you!

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