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Email to schedule your audition time

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming a part of the worship team. Our team strives to set the tone for our Sunday worship experience and lead believers in praising God. We’d love for you to join us in that mission.

Worshipping God is something we take seriously, so we take our role on the worship team seriously as well. Our team has expectations for its members to ensure the whole team is running smoothly. 


Several times a year we hold a short audition for those who desire to join the worship team. Though we use the word audition, this is not a scary, super-formal process you should be nervous about. Anyone who sings or plays an instrument and has a heart for worship is welcome. The goal of the audition is to provide you with feedback on your ability and to evaluate where you would fit best on the team.

This audition is the best chance for our worship leaders to hear about your desire for worship ministry involvement and help you become an effective worship team member. If you’re new to playing or singing, they’ll help you get on a growth track (something each team member has). Not everyone will get to sing and play on Sundays right out the bat, but our hope is to bring you on to the team, equip you to grow in your skill and encourage you in your pursuit of leading worship.


Before audition, choose one song you’d like to play or sing at the audition. We’ve selected several song options that we do at church and will give us a good idea of where your ability is currently. Here’s our list:

Female vocalist:

Male vocalist:


At the audition, you’ll sing/play this song with the recorded track while a couple of our worship leaders listen. Following the song, our worship leaders will provide you with feedback and ask you questions about your desire to be on the worship team. They will then explain where they think you would fit on the team and recommend a growth track for you to follow.